Nova Jane
Fitcover CEO and Founder

“It is hard to find the perfect team and I can safely say that Rhianna and her
team are now family to the Fitcover brand. Rhi Communicate have played a big
part in growing Fitcover as fast as we have. It’s been an amazing experience and you are stuck with us. Thank you for screaming from the top of your lungs that Fitcover is the
best fitness cosmetic brand in the world.”

Matt Lazarus
Real Falafel Co Founder

“In tough times you need the best team around you and may I say you girls are
the best!”

Lauren De Cesare
Adelady Director

“Rhianna is so organised and reliable and just a delight to work with! She also
wrote the best MC notes I had ever seen, I didn’t have to change a thing.”

Rachel Kreig
The Howling Owl

“Rhianna Dickson was referred to us by a trusted business contact in relation to PR services for a milestone event in June 2022. Rhianna was quick to respond to our initial enquiry and secured a fantastic partnership for us with Adelady. Rhianna also presented us with some valuable research and reporting that saved us a considerable amount of money. Rhianna’s approach was professional, transparent and importantly to us as a new client, also values driven. We look forward to engaging Rhianna / Rhi Communicate in the future and would highly recommend the business to others seeking a reliable, creative and supportive PR experience.”

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