Rhianna is a passionate, young mind with morethan five years of PR industry experience. After completing a Bachelor of Marketing and Communications at the University of South Australia, Rhianna was enthusiastic to grow her network and build her way up the PR ladder.

In her early career, Rhianna has a proven history in achieving PR success for clients across retail, hospitality, beauty, food, insurance, events and lifestyle at a local and global level.

The success has grown along with her skill setand expertise after working with a number of PR agencies and learning from some of the most reputable PR practitioners in Australia.

After working in different agencies, Rhianna found herself wanting to help small start-up businesses who who were left ignored by larger agencies, so Rhianna decided to break that with a boutique PR consultancy, Rhi Communicate.

PR Prowess: For me it is all about leveraging, building and fostering meaningful relationships with media both traditional and new, to make sure our work is both genuine and successful.

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